Parish Council Minutes - Extracts

The Parish Council in Woodford was formed at the end of the 19th Century and selected extracts from the minutes up to 1960 will be reproduced on this page.

Here's a few to be going on with.

4 October 1910

Having had serious complaints re emptying ash pits it was resolved that we write to G Allen, the contractor, asking him to give better attention to same.

13 December 1910

That we call upon the district council to consider the difficulty and danger of crossing Alledge brook at a time of flood and to ask them if they will consider the question of bridging it over.

17 December 1912

That we agree to the post office closing at 1 pm on a Wednesday.

That we write to the district council drawing their attention to the bad state of the roads down the lanes and back green and asking them to improve them at once

16 December 1913

that we accept the tender of Geo Allen (Night Sol Collector) for scavenging £53-6-0 pa

21 December 1915

That we accept the tender of Geo Allen for scavenging £54.12.0

26 September 1916

That we write to Bolam and Walter (Drayton Estate Agents) as follows: On Mr Sackville’s property leading from Woodford to Ringstead there are two foot stiles in a very bad condition and dangerous to the public. Repeated requests have been made of Mr Chew (Tenant Farmer- Manor Farm House)to put same in order but he simply ignores. Will you kindly give this your earliest attention and as there is a great amount of traffic on the footpath if you could see your way to putting in kissing gates they would be much appreciated by the public.

That the water be turned on only between the hours of 7 and 9 in the morning and 5 and 7 in the evening

After considering the tender from G Allen for scavenging (the only tender) for £91.1.0 per annum an increase of £36.8.0 on the previous year it was decided to adjourn the decision until the next meeting. And we advertise in the Evening Telegraph on three occasions for further tenders.

17 December 1916

That we accept a revised tender from George Allen of £65 for scavenging and engine attendant.

20th February 1917

That we write to Mr Chew telling him that the ploughing engines for which he is agent have recently been taking water from the well on the green and have also cut up part of the green very badly, and ask him to tell the men not to let it occur again

1 June 1917

That we write to Horace Tiney tenant of 2 roods, Fred Howlett (1 acre) and Mrs J Barnes 1 acre advising that at the request of the government, a committee had been appointed to inspect various allotments in the parish and they find that the land occupied by you is not in a state of proper cultivation and unless it is your intention to put same in order the parish council will be forced to take it in hand and charge you with the cost of same. (These allotments would have been in Addington Road)

14 August 1917

That we ask the RDC to make a footpath on the west side of the village street

16 April 1918

That we agree to Mr James Chew to stop up the footpath at the back of the shrubbery and that the public use the path through the shrubbery

21 January 1919

A letter was read from the war memorial committee asking for site on the green for a permanent memorial to those who had fallen in the war. Mr Creed proposed and Mr Manning seconded that this council is prepared to grant a rite and suggest that a deputation from the committee meet the council on the green at some future date.

The next business was to recommend sites for the housing for the working class. Mr. A Manning proposed, Mr. Creed seconded that we recommend Mr. Mastin’s field at the corner of Mill Terrace and Newtown

16 September 1919

Mr Sage proposed Mr. Waterman sec that this council heartily and gratefully accepts the gift by Mr. Plevins of a recreation ground for the parish of Woodford

Special meeting 7 October 1919

Recreation ground committee of 7 councillors to set out recreation ground

Messrs Sage, Courtledge, Hayo, Braines, Wilson, Gibson, Plevins. Committee of 7 members of this council be elected to form what shall be called a recreation ground committee which shall formulate a plan for laying out and managing the grounds to be submitted to the whole council for approval and adoption

19 November 1919

That the attention of Mr Lloyd be called to the bad state of the street in Newtown leading to Mr Braines property

19 October 1920

That Mr. Allen be asked whether he will light the 2 lamps for the amount stated and to light the lamps up from 3 nights after each full moon until the new moon is 7 nights old.

16 November 1920

Mr. Wilson proposed sec Mr Manning that we ask the RDC to abandon the Housing scheme as we believe it would not be possible to let them at anything like 10/- per week

17 May 1921

..that the clerk write to the superintendent of police calling his attention to the dangers to children and others by the fast driving by motorists and motorcycle riders and ask for his help and advice.

19 July 1921

Proposed that Messrs Bolan and Waller (Drayton Land Agents) be asked to put a swing gate between the Leys and Newtown allotments pointing out the number of girls using the path and also of an accident which occurred there.

21 July 1922

A quote for a new sanitary trolley .. that the contract for a new sanitary trolley be awarded to Mr Covington of Kettering as per sketch and particulars agreed for the sum of £45. Oak frame length of bottom 11 foot 3, Width 4 foot 10, Elm bottom, Strong springs, 1 ¾ inch axle, Tarpaulin sides on slip out rods Ash shafts, Foot brake on rear wheels, slippers and roller, 2 foot 6 inch wheels all round, 2 ½ inch square tyres, Seat for driver, Chains for sides, Under carriage for full tack, Materials guaranteed best quality painted and lettered The whole to be done in a workmanlike manner

September 1922

Proposed that permission be given for the Saturday afternoon delivery and collection of letters to be discontinued so that the postman can have the weekly half holiday

21 November 1922

That Mr Porter’s attention be drawn to the dangerous corner of Mr Mastin’s field – Mill Terrace corner and Newtown

(nb this is the Mill Road / High Street / Thrapston Road Junction –note Newtown at this time related to the area of the village north of Eady’s Row / Sunnyside including what is now High Street. The area of the High Street south of Eadys Row / Sunnyside was known as “The Green”)

16 October 1923

After considering complaints re the way sanitary contract was being carried out it was resolved on a motion by Mr. Neall sec Mr. Crouch that Mr Allen be asked to attend this meeting.

18 March 1924

Mr Mathews pro Mr Crouch sec that Messrs Thorne, Close and Clarkson attention be called to the dangerous driving of their driver in taking the corner from High Street into Sunnyside and also the damage cause to the footpath

5 May 1924

That no night soil be moved before 10 pm and no later than 5 am and that there will be 300 buckets to be emptied and 16 -20 loads of refuse to be carried away each week. Tenders by 29 May

29 May 1924

Scavenging tender award to Mr. Braines £182

28 July 1925

A petition was presented calling attention to the condition of the footpath from the High Street to Rose Terrace.

16 February 1926

That we ask the RDC to prevent buses doing damage to the streets as at present and ask them to go around the green on the metalled road instead of turning near the spring and wait near Daventry farm instead of the recreation ground.

18 January 1927

That we obtain full particulars from the Thrapston fire brigade re the charges for attending a fire at Woodford in the event of there being one.

26 August 1927

Mr Crouch proposed and Mr. Bridge seconded that this council agrees to the overhead mains for electric supply to the parish of Woodford and to support the (electric light) scheme.

That we write to Mr Kidner (Highway Engineer) to do something to Alledge corner so as to help prevent an accident.

20 September 1927

That the surveyor’s attention be called to the bad condition of Bakers lane and Essam’s corner (Mill Road / High Street)

19 February 1929

That this council reply to the Womens Institute that having considered their request for a public telephone we consider it would be a good thing, but would need to know the cost before pledging ourselves to any request