Village Schools

Formal education in Woodford started in 1859 when a purpose built school opened in Church Street. Soon overwhelmed by pupil numbers, a second school with its own headteacher was built near the village, which became the Infants School in 1883. In early 1970's, with the two schools now amalgamated under one headteacher, plans were laid for a new school built on the village recreation field.This modern building opened in September 1974.

This page will contain extracts from the school log books which I compiled when preparing the 150th anniversary book.

A fuller history will be compiled as time permits.

1 June 1858

Foundation Stone laid

3 January 1859

School opened


Mr Treagar appointed as master of the Mixed School (Junior school)

April 1862

Mr Knights appointed master of the school

1 December 1862

The school year commences under the conditions of the Review Code of March 1862. The scholars were classified to meet those conditions

10 July 1863

Feast Week Holiday (continued each year until 1916)

September 1863

Mr Albert Harding appointed Headteacher

4 January 1869

William Ellson commenced headship of Junior School

Summer 1872

Work on an extension to the school carried out throughout summer. School reopened in September with some windows missing

1 March 1878

Decision made to move infants to separate premises owing to continued overcrowding

27 September 1878

Infants moved to the approved room in the village under the management of Miss E M Manning

1May 1880

Start of School Year changed to 1st May.

27 November 1883

The new Infant School was opened. In the afternoon Rev Smyth gave the children a half holiday

5 October 1891

Education now provided free of charge

27 January 1893

Mrs E M Hughes (formerly Manning) resigned from the post of Headmistress at the Infant School, but agreed to stay until a new appointment was made.

19 June 1893

Miss Annie Walter took up duties as Headmistress of the Infant School

7 February 1895

Gave the children the afternoon off to play on the ice

21-25 June 1897

Jubilee Week holiday

9 May 1898

Mr Denham Camburn became Headteacher of the Junior School

24 June 1902

The school was closed at 4.00 this afternoon for the Coronation holiday (3 days)

9 June 1904

Miss Walter ceased duty as Head Mistress

13 June 1904

Miss J Alsop commenced duties as temporary headmistress of Infant School

29 July 1904

Miss Alsop ceased duties

23 September 1904

Mrs M E Redford commenced duties as temporary mistress of Infant School

17 February 1905

Mrs Redford resigned her position (Miss F Lightfoot (teacher) took temporary charge of Infant School)

2 May 1905

Mrs M E Hill took charge of the Infant School as Head teacher

1 April 1906

For official purposes this school will be designated in future as Woodford (Thrapston) C of E School

24 May 1909

Empire Day celebrations recorded for the first time

7 July 1913

Headteacher (Junior School) Mr Camburn taken seriously ill

4 November 1913

Mr Frederick Reed took charge as Headteacher of Junior School

2 July 1914

The boys started swimming lessons today at the shallow part called Dodson’s mill (near Ringstead Mill)

20 November 1914

Mr Reed commenced active service

24 November 1914

Mr George Cobley took temporary charge

6 July 1917

Feast holiday two days this year (until 1965)

11 November 1918

The school was closed at 11.45 and reopened on 13th at 9 this short holiday being given by the managers in celebration of the signing of the armistice

24 February 1919

Mr Reed retakes charge of school following demobilisation from Army

September 1920

New start to School year (instead of May)

Summer 1929

Mrs A E Fox became Headteacher of Infant School (until 3 August 1934)

1 October 1929

Miss Knighton commenced as an uncertificated teaching assistant

2 April 1931

Senior children aged 11 or over moved to Thrapston School

7 September 1931

The Junior School met in Mr Loasby’s room (Coach and Horses at 3 shillings per day) for the duration of building work

22 February 1932

The children assembled at the mixed school (Junior School) today after being in a temporary classroom since the August holidays

19 June 1933

Water supply from taps commenced in Junior school this morning.

1 October 1934

Miss Alice Cook commenced as Headteacher of infant School

6 May 1935

Two Days holiday celebrating King George Vs Jubilee

24 January 1936

The children went to the Infants school this afternoon for about twenty minutes to hear the Proclamation of His Majesty King Edward VIII

31 March 1936

Miss Knighton ceased duties here today as uncertificated assistant

13 July 1939

Miss E Knighton commenced duties (Junior School)

31 July 1939

Miss Gray after 42 years of faithful service ceased duty here today

11 September 1939

First evacuees arrive

7 May 1942

Mrs R Clarke commenced duties (Junior School)

September 1945

Mr Reed resigned as Headteacher owing to ill health

28 January 1946

Mr E P Drage takes charge as Headteacher

1 May 1946

First Mayday celebrations on the village green. Tea in the school followed

18 February 1947

Weather still severe classroom temperatures below 40F (5C)

20 November 1947

School closed today for wedding of HRH Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh (LT Philip Mountbatten)

2.June 1953

Queen Elizabeth the second was crowned today. All the children watched the service on the Television from 10.30 to 2.00pm. At 4.00 a tea was given to every child attending school. After the meal every child received a Coronation Mug

18 March 1955

Miss Stainton, a teacher at the Infants School for over forty year died this morning

6 June 1955

Electric Lighting fitted to Infant School during past week

24 May 1957

Last recorded celebration of Empire Day

26 July 1960

Mrs Alice Foreman (formerly Miss Cook) retired

6 September 1960

Schools amalgamated under Mr E P Drage

6 October 1960

Managers agreed to the appointment of Mrs Drage as first secretary part time (6 hours per week, prior to this administration was carried out by head teacher or chair of managers)

8 July 1965

Last Woodford Feast Holiday (two days)

11 July 1969

Miss Knighton left the employ of the school after 30 years service

October 1970

Mr Drage taken ill, not to return, passing away 10 November 1970 having been Headteacher for over 34 years

1 November 1970

Mrs M Bird became Secretary (retired 1998)

19 April 1971

Mr Packham commences as Headteacher

19 May 1971

Junior School connected to the telephone network

7 February 1972

Telephone installed in Infant school

12 July 1974

Mrs Clark retired after 32 years service

12 July 1974

Junior and Infant School closed for summer for the last time

26 August 1974

Although Bank Holiday Monday removers moved both schools’ contents into new school during the day.

2 September 1974

New Primary School opened

September 1982

Mr P Craigie commenced as Head teacher

January 1993

Mrs A Harvey commenced as Headteacher

December 2012

Mrs Harvey headship ceased

April 2013

School opened Nursery unit for the children aged 3 years

June 2013

Mrs J Lawrence appointed as Headteacher

September 2014

Fortieth Anniversary of current building opening